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Certified Professional In Supply Management (CPSM)

We offer three two-day camps for each of the three exams (a total of six full days) spread out over nine weeks. These review courses are intense and designed for serious professionals seeking their certification. The goal is to prepare participants to successfully distinguish themselves by receiving the CPSM designation. Attending our CPSM Boot Camps will give you the tools you need to pass the three exams. If you are ready to join the ranks of certified professionals let A.M.O.S show you the way.


Supply Management Fundamentals

-Competitive Bidding Processes

When the decision is made to outsource, supply managers must create solicitations that enhance competition amongst suppliers to ensure the greatest value to their organization. Determining the most effective acquisition strategy, effective sourcing, and proposer evaluation and selection are critical factors in the decision-making process. This two-day workshop is designed to provide participants with the necessary tools to effectively prepare various forms of solicitations (including qualitative and quantitative), evaluate responses, and select to the most qualified supplier.


Market Research

Market research is a fundamental and essential function in supply management and can be as simple as getting information from the end user or a colleague in the next cubicle; to as complex as collecting data for analysis of a product’s chemical composition, material stress tolerances, design engineering standards, or various other cost factors.

This one-day workshop is designed for individuals involved in the procurement process (including buyers and end users) and will provide practical guidance for conducting market research for goods and services. Participants will be able to distinguish the various types of market research; determine the Why, When, Who, and How components of market research.


Contract Negotiations

Contract negotiations is perhaps one of the most misunderstood functions of a supply manager’s duties. In its simplest form, contract negotiations require that the supply manager obtain the specified quality, at a reasonable price, from the most qualified supplier. The nuances of contract negotiations are simplified when the supply manager takes the appropriate steps in advance of the negotiation meeting(s). This one-day workshop will help participants to articulate their interest(s); identify options and alternatives; and build long term relationships with qualified suppliers.


The 3 P’s – Policy, Process, Procedure

In our fast-paced world of commerce and routine business transactions, we usually don’t have time to stop to think about why we do what we do. Let alone, how it may impact our co-workers or other parts of the organization. Understanding the distinctions and interdependence between policies, processes, and procedures (3Ps) will help to minimize errors, reduce procurement cycle time and improve customer-supplier relationships.

This dynamic interactive workshop will help participants describe the characteristics that distinguish each of the 3Ps, describe the relationship between each of the 3Ps that creates an interdependence, identify the Key factors necessary to enhance efficiency and effectiveness, and identify the need for continuous review and improvement.


Team Building and Workplace Diversity

More and more supply management professionals are being asked to do things better and faster, to enhance cost effectiveness through value added acquisitions, to find new ways of solving old problems, to think OUTSIDE THE BOX. This one-day workshop will enhance the skills and competencies of participants to more effectively meet these challenges.

Participants will be introduced to techniques that will enhance their awareness and understanding of the team building process. Moreover, this workshop is designed to facilitate the real life demands on supply management professionals as it relates to diverse functions and customers.


The Supply Manager and Customer Value

Supply managers are required to be responsive to the needs of their customers and to do so in a responsible and cost-effective manner. To do this, we must have a clear understanding who our customers are, and what they value.

This high impact, customer focused one-day workshop will explore strategies and methods for improving customer value and service. Participants will be introduced to a life changing process of learning that moves through three phases to exceed customer’s valid requirements and reasonable expectations.

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