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As your business grows it can be a challenge to retain your company culture and traditions, while still celebrating innovation and adopting the latest technologies Our team are experts at helping your company expand while holding on to core beliefs, values and principles.

We help you develop procurement policies, processes, and procedures that are consistent with organizational objectives and company culture. This helps you create more structure, which increases the productivity and efficiency of your team.

  • Bid & Proposal Preparation
  • Public Record Laws & Regulations
  • Government Bidding Assistance
  • Policy & Procedure Development
  • Bid Protests

Training and Development

Our training workshops and programs focuses on actionable knowledge. We focus on not only detecting an error or deficiency, but also on correction. We use a three-phase learning model – Awareness, Understanding and Action to ensure that participants can apply the acquired knowledge back at the workplace. We also emphasize the importance of organizational learning and the resulting synergy when all stakeholders learn how to learn together. When all stakeholders understand their role and the role of other stakeholders learning intensifies, and the organization and its people flourish.

The benefits of workforce development and effective training include:

  • More competitive in the marketplace
  • More creative and innovative workforce
  • High employee morale and loyalty
  • High employee retention
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