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A.M.O.S. is an acronym for Accelerating Meaningful Organizational Synergies. Synergistic relationships are developed by having respect, understanding, and appreciation for all members. We work with businesses and governments of all sizes to improve performance; employee morale; and supplier relationships. We do this by working with managers and their teams to build collaborative relationships across the organization and throughout the supply chain. We can show you how to Accelerate Meaningful Organizational Synergies that benefit stakeholders and shareholders.

Human resource development and continuous supplier performance improvement are essential for organizations to grow and to ensure sustainability. These are not two separate components on separate paths. Rather, they are necessarily interrelated and interdependent. Through our training and consulting we help companies and governments bring all components together in a way that produces much more than when working as separate components.

Our team of management professionals have extensive experience in organizational development; process design and improvement; as well as the professional training and development of staff. We offer specialized consulting services in all aspects of supply management in both public and private sectors. Our diverse team of professionals brings decades of high level management experience with large corporations as well as state and local governments. We know firsthand the pressures of fiscal responsibility and how to enhance efficiencies to ensure the greatest return on investment while enhancing stakeholder buy-in. We get into the weeds so that you don’t have to.


Detecting and correcting an error or deficiency is the only way to demonstrate learning. Both components are necessary for real learning to result. At A.M.O.S. we approach our consulting and our training services using a three-phase learning model. Phase one is Awareness. In its simplest form, an error or deficiency is detected (missed deadlines; low employee morale; lost revenue; etc.) and it is apparent that more information is needed to make the required correction(s).

The second phase is Understanding. This is the phase where knowledge is gained, and wisdom enhanced. In fact, so much information is collected and digested that many people become so knowledgeable they can recite chapter and verse the causes and required adjustments. Phase one and Phase two completes the cognitive side of the learning equation. It focuses on detecting error. However, the behavioral side of the equation is necessary for true learning to occur which takes us to Phase three.

At A.M.O.S. we emphasize the importance of being able to DO SOMETHING with the knowledge gain. Otherwise it just useless and wasted information. Phase three, the Action phase of the learning model ensures that our clients are equipped to correct deficiencies or otherwise make their knowledge actionable. This same three phase model is used throughout the organization so that all stakeholders can start to learn how to learn together.

Our Trainings

Training and development  is an essential requirement for organization’s to ensure sustainability. It is not simply a measure on your scorecard. No organization should invest time or money unless true learning results from the endeavor. This means that the knowledge acquired through any training program should be actionable. At A. M. O. S. we are committed to working with our clients to assist them to attain the highest level of excellence through a well trained and educated staff.

Our team of certified professionals is comprised of academicians and contracting practitioners from both public and private sectors. Because of our firsthand and cross sector  experiences, we offer a unique perspective and insight into procurement and contracting functions, responsibilities and opportunities. We can help to enhance the skills of all stakeholders, from the newly hired novice to the senior level experts in your organization.


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